Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions

2019 Edition
| Editors: Henri Gooren

Cultural Industry

  • Vanina PapaliniEmail author
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The expansion of Christian religions such as the Pentecostal, Adventist, and Baptist churches in Latin America has profited not only mass media but also a vertically integrated network of cultural industries, to facilitate the propagation of faith. Belief and adhesion become partially independent from presence. This modality of communicating religion through mass media has enabled the introduction of the universe of New Age beliefs. The New Age cultivates its relationship with cultural industries; given that it lacks structural, institutional devices for its propagation, the extension of its beliefs is carried out through a generic dissemination movement that the media amplifies.


Religions have used, since ancient times, different technical methods to disseminate themselves. In the Western world, the printing press could be considered one of the oldest. These media have served to propagate faith, as an extension of missionary work, and to consolidate adhesion to...


Cultural industries Mass media Electronic churches Exhibition of intimacy Therapeutic culture Spiritualization 
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