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Hinduism in Brazil

  • Silas GuerrieroEmail author
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The current number of Hinduism adepts in Brazil is significantly small. There are no ethnical connections between these groups and India, as there was a no single meaningful immigration current. However, several small groups practice Hinduism. These groups stem from alternative currents hatched during the first years of the New Age Movement and the counterculture. They represent, in fact, Western religions that worship Hindu values and practices.


Hinduism is not a significant religious branch in Brazil. In terms of numbers, the presence of Eastern religions of Hindu matrix is practically meaningless in the country. The 2010 census registered only 9,500 practitioners of Eastern faiths, less than 0.01 % of the population. This figure does not include practitioners of religions of Japanese origin, which are far more popular in the country, but it did include several other Eastern faiths, not only those of Hindu matrix. It is practically impossible to quantify these...


Hinduism New Age New religious movements 
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