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Sathya Sai Baba

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Sathya Sai Baba (1926–2011) refers to a spiritual leader and to the foundation that inherited his name. Sai Baba was born in 1926, in a small village in the south of India. He preached a universal program of non-violence that aims at fostering a deep love toward one’s country, promoting good citizens, avoidance of corruption, and respect toward others, as well as respect and equality toward all religions. Howard Murphet in Sai Baba, Man of Miracles(first edition 1971) portrayed his life in a way that helped in his recognition as a Holy Man and a Divine Saint. The devotees of the organization believe in his divinity and that of the organization. Through its programs, the foundation seeks to help people realize this. Their official homepage cites hundreds of stories of people who claim to have experienced a physical cure or mystical experience. The organization claims to have more than 100 million devotees around the world. The Sai usually begins in a follower’s house and eventually...


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