Radiative Plasma Heat Transfer

  • Alain Gleizes
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Radiation emitted by thermal plasmas and in particular by electric arcs is a well-known phenomenon. But radiation is also an important term of the internal energy balance of these plasmas, governing the temperature in the hottest regions and heating the external regions by absorption mechanisms. Hence, the measurement and calculation of the radiation terms are essential in plasma research and development. In this chapter, some definitions of various parameters or functions allowing to determine the emission and the absorption of radiation are presented. The main radiation laws useful for plasma conditions are also presented and used to compute the contribution of various physical mechanisms involved in radiation. It must be noted that the spectral description of this radiation is very complex, and for a given temperature, it may require up to one million spectral points.

The third and fourth sections of this chapter are devoted to the calculation of radiation transfer in thermal plasmas, with special emphasis on the notion of net emission coefficient which is a strong simplification very useful for thermal plasmas modeling, simple to use, and rather precise and able to take into account various parameters such as the temperature, the nature of the gas or vapor (in particular metal vapor), and the size of the plasma. Other interesting but more complex methods are presented, with specific results showing the advantages and drawbacks. Finally, in the last section, the role of radiation in practical conditions is analyzed.


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