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Criteria for Ethical Authorship and Contributorship

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The word author derives from the old French word autor, meaning a person who invents or causes something. In the world of scientific discourse, an author is the creator of an idea, a product of dissemination related to an idea, or the originator of a creative work (COPE Council 2014). Foucault (1969) wrote that throughout history, a “proven discourse” had to carry the name of its author to be considered authentic. Authorship today, as described by publishers, scientific societies, and regulatory bodies, includes an element of that authentication described by Foucault as an inherent obligation of authorship. Accountability for authorship is well recognized in the authorship guidelines promulgated by COPE, the International Council of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE 2018), the Council of Science Editors (CSE 2012), with varying emphasis on an accountability statement...

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