Metal Nanoparticle–Mesoporous Oxide Nanocomposite Thin Films

  • Paula C. Angelomé
  • M. Cecilia Fuertes
Living reference work entry


Metal nanoparticles (NP) and mesoporous oxide thin films (MPF) can be combined to synthesize new nanocomposite materials (NP@MPF), with novel optical, catalytic, and sensing properties derived from the components combination and synergy. In this chapter, the usual synthesis methods together with the characterization techniques used to understand the composite structure will be described. The evolution of included NP and the nanocomposite stability during chemical, physical, or thermal treatments will be discussed. Finally, the most remarkable applications of these NP@MPF materials will be presented, including examples about their potential use in catalysis, photocatalysis, sensors (based on plasmonic and enhancement properties), and optical devices.


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We thank Dr. Eduardo Martínez and M. Mercedes Zalduendo for providing the optical images presented in Fig. 2.

This work was supported by CONICET (PIP 00044CO).


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