Encyclopedia of GIS

2017 Edition
| Editors: Shashi Shekhar, Hui Xiong, Xun Zhou

Computer Environments for GIS and CAD

  • Joe Astroth
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In the last few decades, computing environments have evolved to accommodate the need for integrating the separate, and often incompatible, processes of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Computer Assisted Design (CAD). This chapter will explore the evolution of GIS and CAD computing environments-from desktop to Web, and finally to wireless-along with the industry requirements that prompted these changes.

Historical Background

Before the 1980s, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) functions were performed primarily on minicomputers running 32-bit operating systems such as VAX, VMS, or UNIX. Since minicomputers were expensive (approximately $200,000), many CAD and GIS solutions were bundled with hardware and offered as turnkey solutions. Although the combination of software...

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