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McMaster Clinical Rating Scales

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Name and Type of Measure

The McMaster Clinical Rating Scale (MCRS) is an interview-based clinician rating system of family functioning. The ratings can be based on a semi-structured interview conducted by a clinician trained and supervised in the McMaster Approach, or the ratings can be derived from the The McMaster Structured Interview of Family Functioning (McSIFF). The McSIFF is a structured clinical interview that allows bachelor’s level interviewers as well as credentialed clinicians to derive the information needed to generate MCRS ratings. It has been used in research studies (Ryan et al. 2005). The McSIFF is available in both English and Spanish.

Developers (Ryan et al. 2005)

The MCRS was developed in 1982 by Nathan Epstein and his family therapy research team (Epstein et al. 1982); the group developed the McSIFF in 1987 (Bishop et al. 1987). For more information about the McMaster Approach to evaluating and treating families, reference the encyclopedia entry on McMaster...

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