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Name and Type of Measure

The FACES IV is a family self-report measure with 6 scales and 42 items.



FACES IV is the latest version of a family self-report measure designed to assess family cohesion and family flexibility, which are the two central dimensions of the Circumplex Model* of Marital and Family Systems (Olson 2011). Previous self-report assessments include three versions of the self-report measure called FACES I, II, and III (Family Adaptability and Cohesion Evaluation Scales*) and the observational assessment called the Clinical Rating Scale (CRS) (Olson 2000, Thomas and Olson 1993, Thomas and Lewis 1999). FACES IV is based on major studies by Dean Gorall (2002) and Judy Tiesel (1994) which were designed to improve the adequacy of the assessment and measure the full dimensions of cohesion and flexibility.

More than 1200 published articles and dissertations have used a version of...

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