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Zhao, Xudong

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Zhao Xudong, MD, Professor (born 1962)


Zhao Xudong is a major pioneer, cultural translator, and skilled organizer in bringing systemic family therapy from the West (in his case from Germany) to China. Gifted with a strong background in eastern and western philosophies, with thorough medical training in psychiatry and transcultural medicine, with a great capacity to establish cooperative relationships with colleagues throughout the world and with Chinese authorities, and with support from the Chinese German Association of Psychotherapy (DCAP), Xudong since 1997 successfully introduced family therapy training in China on a national level.


Born in 1962 in Yunnan Province, China, Zhao Xudong studied medicine with a focus on psychiatry at Kunming Medical College (B.M. 1983) and transcultural medicine at Western China Medical University at Chengdu (M.M. 1988). Inspired by presentations of German Family therapists Helm Stierlin and Fritz B. Simon at a Chinese-German...

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