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Rey, Yveline

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REY, Yveline


Yveline REY is one of the most recognized figures of the French systemic field. With her activities as a Professor in psychology and systemic family psychotherapy, she gained an international reputation. Yveline REY is also well known in Italy, in Belgium, and in Switzerland. She is one of the first women in France who obtained the status of University Professor in the systemic family therapy field.

Throughout her career, Yveline REY paid special attention to develop therapeutic methods called “floating objects” with Philippe Caillé (MD, psychiatrist, family therapist). The theoretical repository of Yveline Rey’s work has been inspired by “The Pragmatics of Communication” (Watzlawick et al.), “The Complexity Theory” (Morin Le Moigne), “The Theory of Constructivism” (von Foerster, von Glasersfeld), and “The Narrative Orientation” (Anderson, Goolishian).

In the late 1980s, Yveline REY took over as head of the CERAS in Grenoble (Centre d’Etudes et de...

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