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Papp, Peggy

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Peggy Papp, LCSW (1923 –)


Peggy Papp is a world renowned family therapist whose work spans over four decades. In that time, she has contributed extensively to the field’s understanding of gender and power and has demonstrated particular interest in themes and belief systems within families. She is best known for her work in family sculpting and couple’s choreography. She has written numerous articles and books throughout her career and is most notably the author of The Process of Change, the co-author of The Invisible Web: Gender Patterns in Family Relationships, and the editor of Couples on the Fault Line: New Directions for Therapists. Her publications have been translated into several different languages, and she has presented extensively in the United States, Europe, South America, China, and Israel.


Ms. Papp received her MSW at Hunter College, School of Social Work, in New York City. She later founded The Gender and Depression Project at the Ackerman...


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