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Palau, Luis

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Luis Palau is a global evangelist who has shared the gospel with more than one billion people around the world through evangelistic campaigns and mass media. He was born in Ingeniero Maschwitz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on November 27, 1934 as the first son of seven children under Luis Palau Sr. and his wife, Matilde (Claassen 1998). After the death of his father when he was only 10 years old, Palau experienced his conversion at the age of 12 in a 2-week summer camp led by several missionaries. Due to his family’s financial difficulty, he could not finish his last year at St. Alban’s college, leaving him only with the equivalent of a junior college degree in the United States. He worked for the Bank of London in Córdoba to support his family. At this time, his dream was to become a lawyer or a judge to change the world, specifically the devastating condition of poverty and injustice in Argentina (Claassen 1998). One Sunday in church, however, while singing the hymn, “Am...


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