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Haya de la Torre, Víctor Raúl

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Political and intellectual Peruvian (1895–1979), forger of a populist project of nativist tenor. Author of political and philosophical works. Founder of the Popular Revolutionary American Alliance (APRA) in 1926, of anti-oligarchic and anti-imperialist affiliation of Bolivarian inspiration. Nevertheless, because of his triple spiritual belonging (Protestant, Masonic, and Theosophical), he chose to omit all political allusion to the church/state question, with the purpose of not fissuring the social basis of the “Aprismo.” However, “the aprista” politicality was coated with religiosity. His polyclassist conception of party and movement based the hegemony of the middle classes. He lived for many years banished, isolated, and in secrecy. He became more conservative from 1939. He was candidate for the Presidency of the Republic in 1931 and President of the Constituent Assembly in 1978.


He participated in the university reform movement. He attended the University...


Aprismo Freemasonry Indo-America Protestantism Theosophy 
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