Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions

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The Pew Research Center is a nonprofit research center located in the United States which researches religion, demographics, politics, and public life.


The Pew Research Center conducts social science research on a variety of topics such as politics, policy, journalism, the media, Internet, technology, religion, public life, and demographics. Originally named the Times Mirror Center for the People & the Press, the Pew Research Center was created in 1990 and initially conducted polls on politics and policy issues (No Author 2018b). The Center is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization primarily funded by The Pew Charitable Trusts (No Author 2018a). Overall, the methodology and research conducted by the Center is regarded as sound and reliable (Rakitt 2013). The Center is frequently cited and referenced in scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and dissertations/theses.

The Center’s website, www.pewresearch.org, outlines several key topics in regard to the study...


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