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Mormonism in Argentina

  • Matthew L. Martinich
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Definition and Introduction

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) was first officially established in South America in Argentina in 1925. Although initial church members were primarily comprised of German speakers, today the Church in Argentina is homogenously Spanish speaking. No other country in South America has had as long term of an LDS presence as Argentina. The Church in Argentina reports the seventh most members on church records in the world albeit only 10–15% of these members regularly attend church. The Church in Argentina serves as a significant center for leadership and administration in southern South America.


Latter-day Saint mission outreach in South America began in Argentina during the early twentieth century. A lack of religious freedom among non-Catholic religious groups in most Latin American countries during the nineteenth century appeared to be one of the primary deterrents to LDS leaders to expand missionary activity into South...


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