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Adventist Global Mission

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Officially launched in 1990, Adventist Global Mission is an initiative from the Seventh-day Adventist Church that helps the denomination to focus on making disciples of Jesus among all people, with a special focus on the people groups with the least access to the gospel around the world. The office of Global Mission sends missionaries to different parts of the globe and supports innovative mission initiatives. It also coordinates the work of six Global Mission Study Centers with the purpose of building bridges with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds.

Historical Roots

When the sturdy farmer felt God was calling him to preach about the second coming of Jesus, he did not want to do it. He was actually terrified at the idea. But he didn’t feel like saying no to God. So, in order to calm his distressed conscience, he promised God that he would preach if someone would invite him (Schwarz 2000: 32). After all, William had never received such an invitation, and...


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