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Adventism in Puerto Rico

  • Francisco J. Vega
  • Efraín VelázquezEmail author
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Adventism in Puerto Rico arrived in 1898 with the North American troops that invaded the Spanish colony. The Seventh-day Adventist message spread among farmers, minorities, and women with a message of freedom from traditions and health reform. The first cornerstone of Adventism is the teaching that spiritual transformation happens through a Bible-based experience that provides hope in the second coming of Christ. The other three cornerstones are publications, wellness (mental and physical), and Christian education. Adventism has grown in Puerto Rico based on those cornerstones and has been instrumental in spreading Adventism in other parts of the Americas.

The Beginnings of Adventism in Puerto Rico

Seventh-day Adventism arrived to Puerto Rico in a year that forever transformed the religious landscape of the island; 1898 was the epicenter of seismic changes that reshaped religious borders and created conditions for major shifts in Latin American religious practices during the...


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