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Inca society was a theocracy, and Spain was a Catholic monarchy in Europe, a continent undergoing religious reformation. Transcendent beliefs enchanted both the old and the new world on each side of the violent clash of two worlds passing through conflictive times since the colonial conquest. Since then, religion has been an important space to organize and interpret social relations and diversity, to legitimize power and claim for justice, and to open and close windows of hope for a better life. In Latin America, Christianity was actively embraced by the poor and the oppressed, interpreting the message with and beyond the testimony of the messengers.


Peru is one of the five countries that have a significant Catholic majority in Latin America, with over 75% of its population identifying themselves as Catholics (Pew, 2014). According to the 2017 census data, Peru had a population of 31,237,385 (INEI 2018). Peru is a complex territory, formed by desert lands with...


Peruvian religiosity Pentecostalism Peru Protestantism Roman Catholicism 
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