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RTS AI Problems and Techniques

  • Santiago OntañónAffiliated withComputer Science Department, Drexel University Email author 
  • , Gabriel SynnaeveAffiliated withCognitive Science and Psycholinguistics (LSCP) of ENS Ulm
  • , Alberto UriarteAffiliated withComputer Science Department, Drexel University
  • , Florian RichouxAffiliated withNantes Atlantic Computer Science Laboratory (LINA), University of Nantes
  • , David ChurchillAffiliated withComputing Science Department, University of Alberta
  • , Mike PreussAffiliated withInformation Systems and Statistics, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Munster


AI; Artificial intelligence; Game AI; Real-time strategy games; RTS games


Real-time strategy (RTS) games is a subgenre of strategy games where players need to build an economy (gathering resources and building a base) and military power (training units and researching technologies) in order to defeat their opponents (destroying their army and base). Artificial intelligence problems related to RTS games deal with the behavior of an artificial player. This consists among others to learn how to play, to have an understanding about the game and its environment, and to predict and infer game situations from a context and sparse information.


The field of real-time strategy (RTS) game artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced significantly in the past few years, partially thanks to competitions such as the “ORTS RTS Game AI Competition” (held from 2006 to 2009), the “AIIDE StarCraft AI Competition” (held since 2010), and the “CIG StarCraft RTS AI Competition” (held ...

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