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Virtual Reality Retailing

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Virtual reality retailing (VRR) refers to the interactive virtual experiences that a retailer provides for its customers by the aid of virtual reality applications.

Introduction to VR

Virtual reality (VR) consists of immersing an individual in an imagined or replicated virtual three-dimensional world that provides ques on multiple sensory levels.

VR History and Early Examples

Despite the concept has been around since early 1960s, it took some time for VR to take attention from the public. Morton Heiling was the first to take action in exploiting the possibilities in moviemaking with his patented Sensorama that included a vibrating seat with a scent emitter to provide a richer 3D film experience (Drummond et al. 2014).

Contemporary VR Market

However, it was not until virtual reality company Oculus was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $2 billion that the VR...

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