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Handbook of Porous Silicon

pp 1-15

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Characterization Challenges with Porous Silicon

  • Leigh CanhamAffiliated withSchool of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham Email author 


Mesoporous silicon is a complex nanostructure whose optoelectronic properties and morphology have received intense study over the last 25 years. Its properties often depend on both its skeleton size distribution and the chemical nature of its high internal surface area. This expanded review provides a glossary of about 100 characterization techniques applied to date to porous silicon; highlighting those techniques receiving dedicated reviews in this section of the handbook; and linking all of them to other parts of the handbook dealing with specific structures, properties and applications. It then also collates some of the lessons learned with regard characterization, highlighting potential issues that need to be considered and artifacts that can arise. These have in the past both complicated data interpretation and even caused problems in reproducing published data.


Mesoporous Silicon Characterization techniques With Porous Silicon Silicon Nanocrystallite Size Distribution Metastable Silicon Hydride Surface