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Synchrotron Light Sources and Free-Electron Lasers

pp 1-31

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Accelerator-Based THz Radiation Sources

  • Anke-Susanne MüllerAffiliated withANKA Synchrotronstrahlungsquelle , Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Email author 
  • , Markus SchwarzAffiliated withLaboratory for Applications of Synchrotron Radiation, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Radiation from the Terahertz (THz) (also called far-infrared) region of the electromagnetic spectrum is extensively used for many different purposes. This chapter gives an introduction to the generation mechanisms of THz radiation. The underlying physics processes will be discussed with emphasis on the properties of coherent radiation and the corresponding accelerator and detection techniques.


Accelerator, THz radiation, Coherence, Edge radiation, Transition radiation, Smith-Purcell radiation, Synchrotron radiation, Short-bunch mode, THz burst, THz detection, Femto-slicing