Imaging of Objects by Coherent Diffraction of X-Ray FEL Pulses

  • Richard A.  Kirian
  • Henry N.  Chapman
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X-ray free-electron lasers produce pulses of coherent X-rays that are up to nine orders of magnitude higher in peak brightness than the brightest synchrotron sources. These pulses vaporize any object placed in the focused beam, yet are brief enough to diffract from the object before significant radiation damage occurs. This process of “diffraction before destruction” overcomes previous exposure and dose limitations when imaging biological structures, which allow atomic-resolution structures to be determined from macromolecules without the need for large, strongly diffracting crystals that are difficult or impossible to grow. The extreme pulse intensity has allowed protein crystal sizes to be shrunk down to dimensions of hundreds of nanometers, expanding the range of structures that can be studied, potentially increasing the rate at which new structures can be determined, and allowing the tracking of conformational dynamics down to femtosecond timescales. Efforts are ongoing to reduce this all the way to the single molecule, opening up possibilities for robust phasing procedures to acquire model-free structures directly from the measurements. The new science of coherent diffractive imaging would be well understood by the Braggs and Laue but makes use of recent theoretical insights, modern computational capabilities, and the laser-like X-ray sources of the twenty-first century.


X-ray diffraction, X-ray free-electron laser, Diffractive imaging, Iterative phase retrieval, X-ray microscopy 

Glossary of Abbreviations


Atomic force microscope


Coherent diffractive imaging


Cryogenic electron microscopy


Coherent X-ray Imaging Database


Difference map (algorithm)


Drop on demand


Expansion-maximization-compression (algorithm)


Error reduction (algorithm)


Extreme ultraviolet


Free-electron laser in Hamburg


Generative topographic mapping (algorithm)


Gas-dynamic virtual nozzle


High harmonic generation


Hybrid input-output (algorithm)


Highly viscous extrusion nozzle


Linac Coherent Light Source


Light-emitting diode


Phase-retrieval transfer function


Relaxed alternating averaged reflections (algorithm)


Root mean square


Self-amplification of spontaneous emission


Serial femtosecond crystallography


Wigner distribution function


An integrated toolkit for X-ray and atomic physics (computer program)


X-ray free-electron laser


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