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Charter tourism

  • Jakob Lauring
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The term “charter” originates from the Latin word chartula, denoting a contract or to hire means of transportation. In the tourism industry, charter tours have come to signify package trips consisting of prearranged services, including transport, accommodation, and often meals and options for associated activities. By offering package tours at competitive prices, guaranteeing customer safety, and reducing the individual’s need to organize the holiday, charter agencies have opened up a growing number of destinations for the average tourist.

Charter agencies generally hire planes from different airlines on a temporal basis, but may also use bus, trains, or ships for transportation. Charter tourism has been particularly popular in Scandinavian counties where individuals seek to avoid long, cold, and dark winters to visit the warmer “South.” In East Asia, charter or package tourism is also popular.

Since the 1960s, charter tourism has become an important factor in the expansion of...


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