Space Security Policies and Strategies of States: An Introduction

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This chapter provides an introduction to Section 2 of the second edition of the Handbook of Space Security entitled “Space Security Policies and Strategies of States.” It covers expert views on space security policies of established spacefaring nations, including the United States, China, Russia, European countries, Japan, and India. It also reviews space security policies of emerging space powers – Brazil, Israel, the UAE, Poland, and Azerbaijan – to showcase a wide range of space policy approaches to this strategic security portfolio. The chapter likewise includes overviews of European and Asia-Pacific approaches to space security issues. These approaches range from strict emphasis on the peaceful uses of outer space (e.g., Brazil and the UAE), to space as a key element of national security and defense (e.g., U.S., Russia, China, and Israel), or a combination of both (e.g., India).


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