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Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

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Get out the vote (better known as GOTV) activities and operations are those activities that are used in an election campaign to turn voters out on Election Day. While designed to help a political campaign to identify and mobilize potential supporters to support their candidate at election time, GOTV can easily be utilized in public affairs campaigns large and small, regardless of the issue. GOTV activities are important to measure the level of support for your candidate. They are also quite helpful in pointing you to where to best allocate communications, volunteer, and financial resources.

What Is GOTV?

Get out the vote (better known as GOTV) activities include those operations that are used in an election campaign to turn voters out on Election Day, encompassing those tactics and strategies the campaign will use to get supporters to get up, go out, and vote on Election Day. Although it seems to be a 1-day event that only applies to elections, it is actually an important...


GOTV Voter identification Voter mobilization 
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