Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
| Editors: Walter Leal Filho

Campus Greening and Sustainable Development

  • Rolando M. Rodríguez LimaEmail author
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The sustainability of the planet is something that concerns all inhabitants of the Earth. The consumption of natural resources is accelerating. It implies that we must consider that water scarcity is severe. On the other hand, ocean warming is affecting its own streams, and elsewhere environmental pollution does not stop. For this reason, friendly environmentally initiatives are warranted. They range from the reuse of water to the collection of rain and placement of bioluminescent trees to reduce energy consumption. Actions undertaken by universities should not only be directed to preparing professionals with technical resources, but it is necessary that they could be engaged in a more active manner, either preaching by example or getting involved in the issues that affect life on the planet. One of the approaches of greening is linked to the perception of students and professors in relation to sustainability. This approach will be reviewed in the present article as well as the experience in greening university facilities.


Greening, Sustainable development, Higher education, University campus 
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