Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
| Editors: Walter Leal Filho

League Tables and Sustainability

  • Riri Fitri SariEmail author
  • Nyoman Suwartha
  • Junaidi
  • Gunawan Tjahjono
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-11352-0_377



League table of universities across the globe which have shown a strong commitment to achieve a green and sustainable campus, based on six indicators.


The UI GreenMetric was launched in October 2010 at Universitas Indonesia, one year after the university hosted the International Conference on World University Rankings on 16 April 2009. UI GreenMetric is an environmentally concerned ranking scheme aimed to encourage green campuses and sustainability in universities all over the world. It is believed that universities, as small cities, significantly contribute to the global greenhouse gas emissions during daily academic-based activities. It is expected that by drawing the attention of university leaders and stakeholders, more responsive action will be given to combating global climate change, such as generating renewable energy, conserving water, recycling waste, providing green transportation, and promoting sustainable...

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