Encyclopedia of Sustainability in Higher Education

2019 Edition
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Investment Policy Statement for Sustainable Development

  • Junlong MiEmail author
  • Xingxing Chen
  • Xianzhong Song
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There is no clear and definitive definition of the investment policy statement in response to cross-border investment, which is essentially a policy constraint on national strategic considerations and is associated with international prevailing investment policies. In the latest investment policy statements, investment policies include foreign investment legislation in domestic law and in international law (International Investment Treaty practice), in which the main contents are agreements between capital-exporting countries and capital-importing countries. Traditional international investment polices mainly focus on the IIAs (World Investment Report 2012). In recent years, the concept or principle of sustainable development has been universally accepted by the international community as the general principle of economic and social development and has become the general principle of international investment policy. In the context of international investment policy,...

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