Novel Graphene-Based Polymer Nanocomposites

  • Srinivasarao YaragallaEmail author
  • K. B. Bhavitha
  • Nandakumar Kalarikkal
  • Sabu ThomasEmail author
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This chapter initially emphasizes on various preparation methods of graphene and its structural characterization. Thereafter, fabrication techniques of graphene elastomer nanocomposites are described. Special focus has been given to the various types of elastomer-based composites. The effect of graphene and modified graphene on the mechanical properties of various elastomers has been carefully reviewed with respect to the chemical interactions associated with them. Further, their electrical properties are also thoroughly discussed in the later part of the chapter. Finally, the challenging tasks and future perspectives related to graphene-based elastomer composites are enumerated.


Graphene nanocomposites Modified graphene Mechanical properties Elastomers 


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  2. 2.Istituto Italiano di TecnologiaSmart Materials GroupGenovaItaly
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