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Seismological Networks

  • István BondárEmail author
  • Eric Robert Engdahl
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Seismological Networks . Networks of seismographic stations for the recording of ground motions produced by seismic waves propagating from natural and anthropogenic sources.


Seismology has its roots in observations of earthquakes and earthquake-generated ground motion. Seismological networks as envisioned by the pioneers in seismology are now a reality, a reality that is frequently upgraded and expanded as technology improves. A global system of broadband seismographs with high dynamic range is now in place. This is supplemented by many national, regional, and local networks capable of high-resolution monitoring of the frequent smaller earthquakes in seismically active places. Parametric data derived from these networks make a major contribution to national and international information services. Because of page limitations, we can only hope to provide the reader with a glimpse of all there is to know about seismographic networks.

Global Seismic Networks

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The authors thank Baokun Li and Guangbao Du (China Earthquake Networks Center), Tim Ahern (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology), Ronan LeBras (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization), Remy Bossu (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre), and James Harris (International Seismological Centre) for providing input to the article.


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