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Eliza Lynn Linton (1822–1898) was an English novelist, short-story writer, and journalist. In a growing market for print media, newspaper writing offered the promise of steady remuneration. Linton’s submission of an article to The Morning Chronicleresulted in a permanent post, making her the first woman to receive a salaried position on a newspaper staff. While Linton’s infamous criticism of the changing roles of women in nineteenth-century society brought her notoriety, it forms only a small percentage of her journalistic writing. During the course of a career that spanned 52 years, Linton published thousands of articles in numerous periodicals, as well as 25 novels and numerous short stories. She enjoyed an illustrious reputation as a key figure in the literary market, as shown in her election as one of the first female members of the Council to the Society of Authors. The constant interest in her life and work is a further indication of her elevated position at a time...


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