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Facebook’s Challenge to the Collection Limitation Principle

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  • Anna Johnston
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Application Programming Interface, a programmatic means for data and/or control to be passed to and from software applications


Global Positioning System, a space-based navigation system used also to provide geo-location information about appropriately equipped receiving devices like mobile phones


Literally data about data, such as GPS coordinates, time, and date, typically embedded in image files created by digital cameras


Informally, the creation of profit by exploiting latent value in a resource such as Personal Information


National Privacy Principle (Privacy Act 1988)


Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development


Online Social Network


Personal Information, defined in Australian legislation as “information or an opinion (including information or an opinion...

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An earlier version of this entry was originally published by LexisNexis in the Privacy Law Bulletin (2010) 7(2) Priv LB.


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Recommended Reading

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