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Curve Reconstruction

  • Stefan FunkeEmail author
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Years and Authors of Summarized Original Work

  • 1998; Amenta, Bern, Eppstein

  • 1999; Dey, Kumar

  • 1999; Dey, Mehlhorn, Ramos

  • 1999; Giesen

  • 2001; Funke, Ramos

  • 2003; Cheng, Funke, Golin, Kumar, Poon, Ramos

Problem Definition

Given a set S of sample points from a collection Γ of simple (nonintersecting) curves in the Euclidean plane, curve reconstruction is the problem of computing the graph G( S,  Γ), called the correct reconstruction, whose vertex set is S and that has an edge between two vertices if and only if the respective samples are adjacent on a curve in Γ; see Fig.  1.


Computational geometry Curve reconstruction 
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