Encyclopedia of Biometrics

2015 Edition
| Editors: Stan Z. Li, Anil K. Jain

Plastic Surgery and Face Recognition

  • Himanshu Sharad Bhatt
  • Samarth Bharadwaj
  • Richa Singh
  • Mayank Vasta
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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4899-7488-4_9108


Cosmetic surgery; Permanent face obfuscation; Plastic surgery


Biometrics has now become one of the extensively used modes of person authentication. However, it has also instigated several techniques for obfuscation. One such technique for biometric obfuscation is facial plastic surgery. The allure of such surgical procedures has raised a challenge for automatic face recognition algorithms, to match faces altered due to plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery can be reconstructive, to correct facial feature anomalies, or cosmetic, to enhance aesthetics. The spontaneous nonlinear variations introduced by plastic surgery are difficult to model by existing face recognition systems. Recently, this problem has gained attention from the research community and is established as a new covariate in face recognition.


Plastic surgery offers a proficient and enduring way to amend facial appearance by improving structural anomalies and treating facial skin. There has...

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  • Himanshu Sharad Bhatt
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  • Samarth Bharadwaj
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  • Richa Singh
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  • Mayank Vasta
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  1. 1.Image Analysis and Biometrics Lab, IIIT-DelhiNew DelhiIndia