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Encyclopedia of Biometrics

pp 693-700


Footstep Recognition

  • Rubén Vera RodriguezAffiliated withSwansea University
  • , Nicholas EvansAffiliated withEURECOM
  • , John S. D. MasonAffiliated withSwansea University


Footstep identification; Footstep verification


Footstep recognition is a relatively new biometric and is based on the study of footstep signals captured from persons walking over an instrumented sensing area. Since the biometric information is embedded in a time-varying signal, thereby implying some form of action (e.g., in this case those of walking or running), footsteps can be included in the group of behavioral biometrics.


Footstep recognition was first suggested as a biometric in 1977 by Pedotti [1], but it was not until 1997 when Addlesee et al. [2] reported the first experiments. Since then the subject has received relatively little attention in the literature, and so it is perhaps of little surprise that reported performances fall short of those achievable with other, more popular, and researched biometrics. However, recent work has demonstrated the real potential of the footstep biometric which is certainly not without its appeal.

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