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Subglacial Volcano

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A volcanic edifice constructed in whole or in part by eruption beneath ice. Although eruptions occur subglacially initially, many subglacial volcanoes culminate subaerially, having melted their way completely through the overlying ice. A subglacial volcano is thus often constructed in two distinctive parts: a basal part formed subglacially or englacially and owing its major features to the presence of ice and/or meltwater and a subaerial superstructure that may be indistinguishable from volcanoes formed in an entirely ice-free setting (e.g., shield volcano).


Note on Terminology

Móbergis an Icelandic word for a ridgelike volcanic feature formed principally of mafic tephra (lapilli tuffs) erupted explosively from a fissure that may or may not overlie pillow lava and hyaloclastite formed in initial eruptions. Its use is somewhat parochial (Iceland specific) and should be discontinued unless...


Volcanic Edifice Lava Dome Pillow Lava Debris Avalanche Deposit Glacial Erosion 
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