Rectilinear Dune

  • Eric J. R. Parteli
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Straight to curvilinear longitudinal dune formed downwind of domes or barchans (Schatz et al. 2006).

A type of linear dune.


Linear dunes showing sharp crest intermingling with barchan dunes (Tsoar 2008).


Adjacent barchans indicate unidirectional wind regime. Their sharp crest suggests that their formation is related to terrestrial seif dunes and not linear dunes whose crest is rounded. However, terrestrial seif dunes are sinuous whereas Martian’s are rectilinear. Differences may stem from the induration of Martian dunes (Herrmann et al. 2008) either by geochemical processes or by ice. Indurated Martian barchans may function as obstacle dunes. Consequently, sand transported from upwind direction will be accumulated on the lee side as a short, linear, sharp-crested lee dune. This initial dune stabilizes in time but continues to lengthen parallel to the wind. As induration crust is removed, it disintegrates into a dune convoy (Tsoar 2008). Numerical...


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