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2018 Edition
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Cloud Intelligence

  • Torben Bach PedersenEmail author
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Cloud Intelligence (CI) is a collection of technologies emerging from the migration of business intelligence (BI) and analytics technologies to a cloud computing environment combined with exploiting the massive range of new intelligence opportunities opened up by cloud computing and Big Data.

Key Points

Cloud Intelligence can be characterized as BI and analytics in, for, and with the cloud.

Inthe cloud refers to the fact that cloud intelligence solutions will be offered “as-a-service”, running in the cloud rather than at user sites. The cloud intelligence services should be dynamically scalable to a global level. Thus, massively parallel computing techniques such as MapReduce, and beyond are the standard underlying computing platform. Another aspect of running on a cloud platform is the fundamentally new economic model needed for cloud intelligence. In traditional BI, the (large) cost of building a BI system is initially covered by an enterprise investment which must later...

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