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Event Processing Network

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An event processing network (EPN) is a graph G = (V,E)where:
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    The set of nodes in an EPN graph G is denoted V such that V = CPAEC.V is a set of nodes of four types; C denoting Event Consumer, P denoting Event Producer, A denoting Event Processing Agent and EC denoting Event Channel.

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    The set of edges in an EPN graph G is denoted E such that E = {(u,v) | (u(PA) → vEC)(uEC → v(CA))}. E is a set of ordered pairs of nodes representing directed edges. These edges are between either an event producer to an event channel, an event channel to an event consumer, an event processing agent to an event channel, or an event channel to an event processing agent.


The EPN model also includes a relationship definition between edges called Event Causality.

An event processing network (EPN) describes how events received from producers are directed to the consumers through agents that process these events by performing transformation,...

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