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Fuzzy Set

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A fuzzy set is a function A: U → L where U is an ordinary set of elements called universe and L is a scale which is usually supposed to have the structure of a residuated lattice (see “ Residuated Lattice”). The function A is at the same time called also membership function, i.e., fuzzy set is identified with its membership function.

If xU is an element then A(x) ∈ L is a membership degree of x in the fuzzy set A. It can also be interpreted as a degree of truth of the fact that the element x belongs to the fuzzy set A. If U is a universe and A a fuzzy set then it is convenient to write AU.

Key Points

Fuzzy sets can be explicitly written in the form
$$ \left\{a/u|a\in L,u\in U\right\} $$
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