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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

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Social Search and Querying

  • Georgia KoloniariAffiliated withApplied Informatics Department, University of Macedonia Email author 
  • , Panagiotis LionakisAffiliated withDepartment of Computer Science, University of Crete
  • , Kostas StefanidisAffiliated withSchool of Information Sciences, University of Tampere


Logical algebra; Query model; Search and querying social data; Time-aware social search


Social content

The content that appears in social networks due to user activities, reflecting their relationships with other users and the content they shared.

Social graph

A graph representing a social network. The nodes of the graph correspond to the entities of the social network, while the edges capture the social relationships between the entities. Typically, there are two types of entities: the type user, representing the social network users or participants; and the type object, including all other entities other than users, e.g., images, videos, events, and applications.

Social network

A structure, typically nowadays expressed as an online application, that enables social interactions and personal relationships between users, by allowing them to post information, comments, messages, images, and videos.


Web search and querying is the precursor of social search, and typicall ...

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