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Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience

pp 1919-1944


Neuroimaging, Neural Population Models for

  • Ingo BojakAffiliated withSchool of Systems Engineering, University of Reading Email author 
  • , Michael BreakspearAffiliated withQueensland Institute of Medical ResearchRoyal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital


EEG, neural population models of; fMRI BOLD, neural population models of; Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), neural population models of; Multimodal neural population models; Multimodal neuroimaging, neural population models for; Voltage sensitive dye (VSD) imaging, neural population models of


Neuroimaging denotes measurements of the brain with sufficient spatial resolution to construct maps of anatomy (structural neuroimaging) and activity (functional neuroimaging), respectively. Where a functional neuroimaging modality can capture spatial snapshots at sufficient speed, its data can be used to infer spatiotemporal brain dynamics. The spatial resolution of noninvasive functional neuroimaging in humans is limited to about one millimeter and requires the coherent activity of a large number of neurons to generate a signal that exceeds the noise floor. This is an ideal match for neural population models (NPMs), which are designed to capture the mass activity of ...

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