Computerized Testing of Creativity

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Associative networks; Divergent thinking; Flexibility; Idea density; Originality; Semantic networks; Standardization

For years, computer scientists pointed to the Turing Test as a good way to assess the intelligence of a computer. The Turing Test was proposed by Alan Turing and requires a dialogue between a human and a computer. The human is not privy to who or what is on the other side of the dialogue and is asked to determine if the dialogue involves a computer or a human. To do so, the human types questions, and the computer answers them. If the human cannot ascertain that the computer is in fact a computer, it passes the test. The computer (or software, to be precise) is attributed with intelligence. The Turing Test was proposed in 1950. Finally, in 2014, a chat box named Eugene passed the Turning Test by fooling a human.

Computer scientists were not satisfied. They decided that there was a better way to test computers and developed a new test. The new test was named after...

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