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Glucose Meters and Strips

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Glucose meter (glucometer) is a medical device used to determine the approximate level of glucose in the blood. It is used for monitoring glucose at home and in the hospital. Patients obtain a small drop of blood using a fingertip lancing device. Blood is placed on a disposable test strip, and in less than 10 sec on average, a reading is given. Most meters are approximately the size of the palm of the hand. Some meters require the user to manually enter in a code specific to the test strip. If the code does not match the strip, then the glucose reading is inaccurate. The glucose value is displayed in mg/dl (USA) or mmol/l. Some meters can also check ketone levels in blood.

Meters have different features such as memory, calculation of average sugar, volume of blood sample required, back light, color, and size. Some meters allow manual entry of additional data, such as insulin dose, amounts of carbohydrates eaten, or...

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