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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 25-37


Analysis and Planning of Urban Networks

  • Andres SevtsukAffiliated withCity Form Lab, Singapore University of Technology and Design


Accessibility; Centrality urban design; City planning; GIS; Spatial networks; Urban form


Urban Form

The physical pattern of urban infrastructure and buildings

Land Use Pattern

The spatial distribution of human activities accommodated within urban form

Built Environment

A combination of urban form and land-use mix of an area


Property of a location that describes the ease with which the location can be accessed from surrounding urban form and land-use attractions


Refers to metrics that describe how centrally an event is located in a spatial network (see ▸ Centrality Measures)


Network analysis concepts have been used in the design and planning of cities for several decades. Until recently, however, they were common in only highly specialized applications – disaster planning problems, critical facilities' location problems, and costly utility and transportation infrastructure design problems. Efforts to apply network analyses to the design of ordin ...

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