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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 364-369


Detection of Spatiotemporal Outlier Events in Social Networks

  • Didi SurianAffiliated withSchool of Information Technologies, University of Sydney
  • , Sanjay ChawlaAffiliated withSchool of Information Technologies, University of Sydney


Geo-location service; Spatiotemporal outlier


Location-Based Social Network

Online social networking service that enables users to “check in” at places from their mobile phones using text messaging or mobile applications. One of the largest location-based social networks is Brightkite. Brightkite also provides an explicit social network that describes friendships among users

Spatiotemporal Outlier Event

An event that occurs at a specific location on a certain time, which significantly contributes to the changes of that location's topic

Undirected Graph

A set of nodes N and edges E which is denoted as G = (N,E). An edge is a mapping (ni,nj) from one node ni to another node nj, where (ni,nj) and (nj,ni) are identical. An undirected friendship graph is an undirected graph representing friendship among a set of users, where the friendship link between two users is represented by an undirected edge

Connected Component of Undirected Graph

A subgraph G' of an undirected graph G, where ...

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