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Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

pp 1904-1914


Social Networks in Emergency Response

  • Dashun WangAffiliated withCenter for Complex Network Research, Northeastern UniversityCenter for Cancer Systems Biology, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • , Yu-Ru LinAffiliated withCollege of Computer and Information Science, Northeastern UniversityInstitute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard University
  • , James P. BagrowAffiliated withEngineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, Northwestern UniversityNorthwestern Institute on Complex Systems, Northwestern University


Collective response; Communication Network; Data mining; Disaster; Emergency; Event detection; Spatiotemporal analysis; Social networks



An unexpected and often dangerous situation, typically affecting multiple individuals and requiring immediate action

Social and Communication Networks

Networks of people interacting with each other through web-based (e.g., Twitter) and mobile-based (e.g., mobile phone) technologies

Social Media

Web-based tools that enable people to communicate and interact with each other in various media forms including text and multimedia. Examples of these tools include emails, instant messengers (IM), blogs, microblogs (e.g., Twitter), vlogs (e.g., YouTube), podcasts, forum, wikis, social news (e.g., Digg), social bookmarking (e.g., Delicious), and social networks (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn)


Modern datasets derived from telecommunication technologies such as online social media and mobile phone systems offer a great potentia ...

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