Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining

2014 Edition
| Editors: Reda Alhajj, Jon Rokne

Multiplex Networks

  • Emőke-Agnes Horvat
  • Katharina Anna Zweig
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Graph Clustering Algorithm

Attempts to find cohesive subgroups which are only loosely interconnected

Degree Centrality

The number of edges incident to a node

Network Motifs

Subgraphs that occur significantly more often than expected by chance


Multiplex networks represent different types of relationships between nodes in a single graph, for example, marriage and business ties between Renaissance Florentine families as shown in Fig. 1 (Breiger and Pattison 1986). Temporal networks in which the same relationship is observed at different time points can be seen as a special type of multiplex network (  Temporal Networks).
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